Numerology is an ancient science, first brought to the attention of the world by the Greek Scholar, Pythagoras. It is similar to Astrology, in that it provides an in depth insight into our Soul's journey through this lifetime. It most certainly shows our life's purpose and lessons, and gives detail of the potential energy flowing through our lives, at any given time. By knowing when, and what, this energy is providing for us, we can utilise it to assist us to achieve our greatest potential in life.

Each year of our calendar has its own Universal Numeric vibration; These are the vibrations in which our world operates. These are the vibrations used for worldly things such as national or international business, government projects, or local affairs - non personal matters. A Universal Year digit is needed to find the vibrations for world-wide enterprises.

A Universal Year digit is also needed to find the digit for a Personal Year, which is personal for each of us, and thsu affects our Personal Lives..

The Universal Year runs its cycle from January 1st through to December 31st. The same is true with the Personal Year. They are computed this way because it is the Universal Year digit or Personal Year digit that has the influence on the person, place or thing, not the person giving the influence to the date. These digits always change on January 1st of a new year because that is when the numbers or digits change for that year.

To find a Universal Year digit, you reduce the four numbers of the year in question to a single digit or master number. Use Year numbers only, not month or day. So, 2021 has pure‘5’ Universal Year digit.


The Year of 2021 heralds in the pure Number '5' - 2021 has the base energy of the Number ‘5’, elements of which are Free Spirit, Adventure, Change, Instability, Attraction and Magnetism. Its universal meaning indicates it is a number of chance, considered by some to be most holy and by others to be uncertain. It is symbolised through the five senses, the pentagram (man has 2 legs, 2 arms and a head), the midpoint in the cycle 1 to 9. This number is lacking in stability but it brings together the opposite energies of physical and mental. This number is ruled by the planet Mercury: It’s element is Ether: Its symbol - The keystone of the arch.

In the story of the evolution of ancient man the Number ‘5’ is symbolised as a Pentagon, the essence of adventure. “Having provided his family with a place to live, man now felt he had earned the right to look around and enjoy himself. This included curiosity about life, his five senses, travel, and change. He became an adventurer reaching out in five directions. This idea was symbolised by a five pointed star, and through the five fingers of one hand.”

Qualities embodied in this number are Constructive freedom, ability to deal positively with change, quickness of thought and action, a love of freedom, an eagerness for change and variety and ability to accomplish almost anything. ‘5’ is truly mercurial and progressive in thought and does not manifest well in situations of routine or monotony. It is a number which supports adventure and the activities of those who love to try anything that is new or exciting.

Because of its very unstable nature it can also encourage sarcasm, restlessness, pessimism, unreliability, or deceit. It can also encourage avoidance of responsibilities and fear of change.

To apply the energy of this year productively people should cultivate adaptability and learn responsibility and the proper use of freedom. Be prepared to accept and learn the lessons of how to handle and grow from too much or too little change in life. There may be feelings of restriction as the energy of this number wants to be free to come and go as it pleases. Therefore there will be a need to remain active whilst dealing with restlessness and impatience. The ‘5’ energy enlivens new thought and ideas, so new discoveries will be supported by it. However, people may try to do many things at the same time which weakens the productive outcome of their efforts. Upholding of Law and Order are important during this year.

When utilising the positive vibration of this year people can brighten up any group by their mere presence and make friends easily. It encourages all to try new things, go new places, meet new people and explore previously unconsidered experiences. New and previously untried issues may fascinate to the point of wanting to try everything at least once. Routine may well feel boring, but constructive change is by far the best way to open new doors and present new opportunities. Talking to others may promote new potential opportunities. Avoid scattering your energies, time and money, as this will leave things uncompleted and therefore provide no long term reward.

The Lesson of 2021 is to learn and experience the true value of freedom and to use it in the right way. To be prepared for change at all times and how to handle the lack of it; to value freedom and to realise that nothing in life is permanent.



Dear Judith,
Just to drop you a short note and to let you know – I have received your parcel and I am completely over the moon with what I have read in the chart so far. I haven’t finished it yet – it takes time to digest and to contemplate.
Judith, what I can let you know so far: I haven’t learned so much about myself in such a concentrated and true way. I am overwhelmed! Everything is so true and it is outstanding to be able to watch yourself from an outer perspective, revealing your innermost soul, comprehending your acting like “looking behind the veil”… it enables me to understand my behavior and inmost feelings in a much greater connection, like an eagle flying over the land and seeing all details from above.
Once again thank you very much for your most impressive work – I know that you know about your unique numerology skills and how great your wisdom is in it, but just to let you know, I appreciate it a lot and it put me down on my knees like a little child stunning to explore the world through its first steps.

Dear Judith,
I received the numerology chart! Thank you so much!
I have had others done it for me but this was the first time anyone mentioned the personal and universal years. I did look at them and found quite amazing "coincidences" .

Dear Judith
Thank you very much for the chart you did for me! I’m astonished of how accurate it is (from what I read so far – there is still lots to discover) and I can only recommend it to other people. It really makes you realise of how connected everything is. Thank you once again!!
Best regards, Martina.

Hi Judith, I've got my reading. I am very thrilled with it thank you, especially as you told me about this year being such a special one 19/10/1 essance and 19/10/1 personal year, it is all ready proving to be one of my best years ever work wise, this is the year i'v been waiting for, business taking off and just won a fab holiday in Vagas , on the company 5 star all exs paid, i go with hubby on 24th April, so it has allready proving to be a memorable one. Regards, A.

Dear Judith

It has taken me a while to go through your readings. I decided to read the files just when I would feel called by them.

I started yesterday and I could not be more surprised and at ease in reading the unfolding of my life the way it is really going. The accuracy of your reading is very profound.

Moreover your clear explanation, your teaching, your reassuring voice and your profesionalism has made this a unique experience.

I thank you so much and wish you a wonderful day ahead.


Hi Judith,

I received everything and took the time to watch on it and I listen to everything.

It is so breathtaking to read and listen to the wisdom, that comes forward with it.

Thank you so much, I will use it in the benefit for everything.


Hello Judith

Thank you for the Numerology Reports and accompanying audio files. Im so appreciative of the effort and time that must have gone into compiling these detailed and thorough Numerology Reports. Not to mention the Audio files, which were such a bonus as it assisted in pulling everything together and making it more comprehensible, at least for me. The information was spot on and I feel you probably know me better than I have ever known myself.

There are so many aspects of my life that I have struggled to understand. Your report has enabled me to put to rest and let go of so much uneccesasary baggage that I have been carrying for many years. And this is within a few hours or receiving your report. You have shined a light on shadows that couldn't be seen and carved a path of healing and well being. These reports will need to be read many more times to fully comprehend the depth of information provided.

May 2020 has been a very special month and I want to thank you for being a very big part of it. To your good health and well being.

Warm regards Tahira.



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